7 Design Tips to Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Though sounds easy but renovating your bathroom is as complex as renovating your home interiors. You need to take many decisions regarding small to large details, processes and options which is quite a confusing task. If you’re tackling a bathroom renovating project, then having a working knowledge of what to expect and what to consider can make a big difference.

Following are tips that can help you renovate a beautiful bathroom:

  1. Enquire about remodeling cost
    Before beginning any renovation, ask your renovator for an estimation so that you are able to judge how much it will cost you. It’s important to put your expectations into context, when it comes to your pocket. The size of your bathroom and the quality of materials you want to use affects the cost of remodeling.
  2. Leave those classical finishes
    The main aim of renovation is a fresh, new look for your bathroom. Don’t opt for those vintage looks of bricks and concrete. Instead, go for modern tiles that can provide luxurious looks to your bathroom. Don’t spend your money for old and classical finishes.
  3. Understand standard dimensions for bathrooms
    Knowing a few standard measurements, like size of a normal bathtub and dimensions needed for a toilet can help you plan renovation more efficiently. You can take help of your renovator in utilizing bathroom space in a best effective way.
  4. Plan the right height for your sink
    Normal height consideration for counter-tops is 32 to 34 inches. You need to consider how much high you want your sink to be. Choose a height which can allow you to wash your hands or brush your teeth properly and easily.
  5. Consider a tiny tub
    Some people doesn’t use bathtubs and thinks that they are meant just for large bathrooms. But it’s not like that, few companies have shrunk their bathtub models in order to accommodate at little places. So, it has grown as an easy option for all bathrooms.
  6. Pick the right vanity
    Vanities are not just meant for looks. If you’ll go for large one, then you’ll mess up your bathroom space but if you opt for a small one, then you’ll end up scrambling for more counter space. Choose vanities that are neither too expensive nor cheap. Good quality vanities can offer luxurious looks for your bathroom.
  7. Convert your tub to a shower
    A tub is a wastage for your bath space if you don’t use it regularly. You can utilize space by converting it into a shower. It will be more cost effective as well as water conserving method for taking a bath.

These were the few design tips which can help in renovating an appealing bathroom. You can hire our experienced renovators if you want bathroom and home renovation services in Niagara.

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