Helpful Tips to Prevent Leaks With Basement Landscaping

Your home is a safer haven for you and your family. Homeowners strive hard to protect their homes from any water damage or leaks. To your dismay, however, there still might be some leaks that are bothering you. It is sad to note that water damage tries every way possible to intrude into your home even when you have carefully followed the do’s and don’ts of waterproofing.

Now, you must be looking for the ways to save your home from water damage and leaks. Many people overlook the one of the best options to prevent water from coming in, which is landscaping. Believe it or not, landscaping can help prevent leakages and help you keep your home beautiful. Read on to find out how basement landscaping can prevent the water damage intrusion.

Learn the basics of landscaping

Landscaping, on the one side is considered to be the most helpful way to prevent leaks, on the other side, it can also give in to too much water absorption. There is such a thing as absorption limit when it comes to landscaping. When this limit is reached, the precipitation will soak up and the water will flow downwards. You need to check it when you notice something wrong with your landscaping. Make sure you know the basics of landscaping to understand what changes you need to bring to get the maximum out of the landscaping.

Give your landscaping a check

Homeowners need to check on their landscape regularly. Though, if you fail to do so, make sure you are checking on it every season. The landscape should not slope towards your home. When checking on the landscape, also pay attention to the pipes, vents and drainage. They must be free from any obstructions.

Always check on the gutters and downspouts

Checking the gutters and the downspouts can be a DIY task. Though, this can seem to be a tedious task and you may avoid doing it. But, you should never overlook your gutters and downspouts. If you find it difficult to clean and maintain gutters and downspouts, call general contractors in St. Catharines to get the job done for you.

Say no to overgrown shrubs and trees

No one would ever want to see those overgrown shrubs and trees. They are eyesores not eye candies. If you want to keep your basement dry throughout, make sure you trim leaves and branches of these overgrown trees and shrubs. This way you can prevent them from blocking your gutters and downspouts.

Calling a professional to solve your problem

You have exerted all your efforts to make sure that the basement landscaping will prevent the leaks in your home. However, if you are not really satisfied with the job you have done, it is advised to call a professional for help. Additionally, these experts will also render their help when your water damage situation is extremely irreparable.

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